Frequently asked questions

What are the easiest mushrooms to grow at home?

The quickest and easiest species of mushroom to grow at home is Phoenix Oyster mushroom. All necessary (simple) instructions are provided with our kits and spawn. Pink Oyster mushrooms are also very easy to grow, but they prefer slightly warmer temperatures, so will mostly grow in normal New Zealand conditions from mid spring to mid autumn with ease.

How do I grow mushrooms?

The easiest way to get a good crop of mushrooms at home is to buy one of our pre-made mushroom grow kits. All the hard work has already been done and all you need to do is place it in an appropriate spot and mist it with water every day or so. Full instructions provided. If you want to get more advanced, you can order spawn (the living mushroom culture) of many different species from our shop, which you can use to make your own grow bags (using grain spawn) or wooden logs (using dowel spawn) in a very cost effective way.

Can I grow mushrooms outside?

Yes! New Zealand provides a great climate for growing mushrooms outdoors. Just find a shaded, humid area of your garden (like under a tree or shrub) and you'll have near ideal growing conditions, especially in spring and autumn as well as much of summer. Some watering required during dry spells.

Can I grow mushrooms inside?

Yes! However, we do not reccommend growing mushrooms in your main living areas of your house, as they can release spores which can not only make a mess but also be bad for your health especially those who have allergies or are pollen sensitive (spores are similar to pollen). Spore release can be minimised by harvesting mushrooms at the right time and not letting them get over mature (which is when they begin to release a lot of spores) Many people choose to use a garden shed, laundry room or basement as a great environment to grow mushrooms in.

What makes your mushroom cultures top quality?

We have got two decades of experience in mushroom cultivation and over the years we have learned the best ways to produce high quality mushroom spawn. We maintain our cultures with great care and incoulate all of our spawn in a laboratory environment. We have hand selected our favourite strains of each species that we carry after many trials.