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Mushroom Logs Springing into Action!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

As the season starts to change, with milder temperatures and frequent rain showers, mushroom logs spring into action!

Here are some shiitake mushrooms pictured in the yard this morning - and will be getting utilised in a delicious noodle soup for dinner tonight! The cracking on the caps can occur due to fluctuations between humid and drier conditions. In Japan, cracked cap shiitake are called 'donko' and are highly prized for their richer umami flavour and denser texture. Sometimes they can be so cracked that the cap appears almost entirely white.

If you have mushroom logs that are a year or more old but which don't have mushrooms growing on them yet, now is a great time to give the logs a soak in a tub of water for 12ish hours (or a generous soaking with the garden hose) which can help to trigger a crop of mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms on logs is a great way to cultivate a range of wood-loving gourmet and medicinal mushroom species in your own back yard and turn logs into food. It's super easy, all-natural, and logs can produce two or three crops of mushrooms per year for several years in a row. The secret ingredient, though, is patience, as logs generally take at least a year and sometimes longer to produce their first crop.

Spring is a great time of year to make new mushroom logs on fresh cut wood, as the sap is rising in the wood and this is basically nutrient rich 'juice' that the mushrooms will utilise as food. You can learn more about how to grow mushrooms on logs on our website at and we have dowel spawn of a wide range of species available in our online store. Happy growing!

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