These hardwood sawdust blocks are perfect for making substrate mix for wood loving species such as shiitake, hericium, oyster and more. These can be used as equivalent of HWFP in 'teks' found online. Same constituents, its just in a block rather than pellets. 

This sustainably harvested wood product can be used on its own or fortified with additioal nutrient suppliment like bran, prior to sterilisation in a pressure cooker. 

Each block weighs 900 grams and once hydrated equates to approximately 2.3kg of substrate (or more with bran etc added). 

These can be used according to instructions for 'masters mix' or any other substrates which use hardwood fire pellets (HWFP). Replace pellets for these bricks weight for weight and you'll be ready to roll!

Hardwood Sawdust Blocks