We are hosting a beginners guide to mushoom cultivation workshop right here in Dunedin. 


This workshop will give you all of the foundational knowledge you need to begin successfully growing consistent crops of gourmet mushrooms at home. 


WHY: Learning how to grow your own mushrooms at home is a great way to

  • Eat the freshest and most delicious mushrooms you can get - grown right on your own property 
  • Save money. Growing your own gourmet mushrooms works out much cheaper than buying them from the shops - if you can even find them! 
  • Diversify your diet. Mushrooms are a great source of protein along with other nutrients and beneficial compounds (many of which are proven to have medicinal and health benefits). 
  • Grow in the off season. Mushrooms will often fruit at times of year when there is not much else growing in the garden. It's always nice to cook something home grown.
  • Great for kids. Children are generally fascinated by the mushroom growing process and it is a great way to get them interested in food growing and biology. 


WHERE: Valley Project Community Rooms, 262 North Road, North East Valley, Dunedin

WHEN: DATE TO BE CONFIRMED (October-ish), 12 noon till 4pm


WHAT: This workshop is guided by Bart Acres, former director of Shadow Gourmet Mushroom Company who has two decades of mushroom cultivation experience both at the hobby and commercial scale. 


The workshop will consist of a theory session, whereby you will get to learn all about the life cycle of mushrooms, how they grow, and how to cultivate them. You will have an opportunity to have any questions you may have, answered. 


This will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of making both straw bags (quick yield of mushrooms within a month of making the bag) as well as how to inoculate wood logs with mushroom cultures (takes longer for them to fruit but they will then fruit for several years after that). We will also cover how to create outdoor woodchip beds of selected species in your garden. 


The primary species we'll focus on are Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms, although other species will be briefly covered as well, and the skills you learn will be applicable to a wide range of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. 


A light afternoon tea will be provided (Tea, coffee, fresh sourdough bread, spreads, cheese, sauerkraut). 



  • An oyster mushroom grow bag / bucket inoculated with mushroom culture ($40 value)
  • A wood log inoculated with oyster or shiitake mushroom culture ($40 value)
  • A copy of our Beginners guide to growing gourmet mushrooms at home booklet ($15 value) 
  • All the skills and info you need to continue growing your own mushrooms at home for years to come!



For the straw bags part of the course, we will be using poly tubing to stuff the straw into. Unfortunately this is a single use plastic. If you would prefer to go with a zero waste option, please bring your own clean (or new) food grade 10 to 20 litre plastic pail (with lid) which we can modify during the course into a re-usable mushroom growing container which can be used time and time again using the skills you have learned at the workshop. If you would like us to provide a bucket for you please select option at checkout ($17 cost price to us, no markup) 

If you have any further questions about this workshop please contact us


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Mushroom Cultivation Workshop - Dunedin

  • Workshop bookings cancelled prior to 10th March 2020 are entitled to a refund of the full workshop cost minus $10 cancellation fee. 

    Workshop bookings cancelled on or after 10th March 2020 can not be refunded, however name changes of bookings are accepted with zero fee up until the time of the workshop.