Now you can grow mushrooms the ultra easy way, with a specially inoculated mushroom grow log. 


Mushroom grow logs can be thought of a bit like a fruit tree. You put them in an appropriate spot in your back yard, water them occasionally, and after a year or so, they will begin cropping with the specific strain of mushrooms, whenever environmental conditions are right (for most species this is spring and autumn, whilst enoki like to fruit over the winter from late autumn to early spring). 


These logs will continue to produce crops of mushrooms a few times a year for a total of about five years or so. They measure approx 70-100cm long and 10-20cm wide (some natural variation). We have matched each mushroom species with their preferred wood type.


This is the easiest and most natural way to grow groumet and medicinal mushrooms at home. All that's required is a bit of patience, and a sprinkling with water now and then. One or two overnight 'dunks' in a tub of water per year can also help to recharge the water supplies in the log (especially if done in the early spring and / or early autumn just prior to main fruiting seasons). 


At the moment these are for Dunedin based customers only (or able to pick up from Dunedin). However if you are interested in getting some logs but you are located elsewhere please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can probably arrange something for you. 


We currently have in stock:







With more species coming soon so if you'd like a log inoculated with a different species please let us know and we can make them for you. 

Mushroom Grow Logs (Dunedin Only)