Pekepeke-kiore, also known as Coral Tooth or NZ Lions Mane (Hericium novae-zealandiae) is a fantastic mushroom in so many ways. It looks amazing, it tastes delicious, and on top of all that, it's also highly prized for its medicinal uses. Also, it's uniquely New Zealand, being an endemic species only found here. 

This is a DIY grow kit (assembly required!) which will enable you to create four medium sized grow bags (see pictures) and go through the whole process of cultivation. You will need some basic equipment (stuff most homes will have in their kitchen) and it would also help to have at least a little bit of experience growing an 'easier' type of mushrooms like oyster mushrooms previously. But all in all, its not too hard, and instructions are provided. You can also read about the basic process here:


This kit consists of: 
- 1kg Grain Spawn of Hericium novae-zealandiae

- Dry substrate mix (sawdust pellets plus 10% wheat bran)

- 4 x Medium size autoclavable filter patch bags

- 4 x cable ties to seal your bags

- Printed Instructions


Additionally you will need: 
- A pressure cooker, or large pot

- A stove

- A container to mix substrate in (like a bucket or bin)

- A clean area to work in (smooth bench, or a large storage tote to do inoculations inside of) 

- A space to fruit your mushrooms (a mini greenhouse, large storage tote bin with fish tank bubbler in it, an ordinary backyard greenhouse, or any other home made fruiting space that can be kept humid and have some air exchange) 

Pekepeke-kiore DIY Grow Kit