Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) are prized around the world for their usage as a health tonic. They are one of the most well-researched mushrooms on the planet with hundreds of research papers and clinical trials documenting their benefits to the human body. If you would like to grow your own turkey tail mushrooms to prepare tinctures or extracts for your own usage, and know for sure what you're getting, a turkey tail mushroom grow kit is a great opportunity to grow, harvest and prepare your own turkey tail mushrooms.


Our turkey tail grow kits are 'ready-to-fruit', which means all that you need to do is

1) Cut some slits in the mushroom grow bag (marked out for you)

2) Put it into the right growing conditions, keep humidity and air exchange high

3) Wait for the mushrooms to grow.

4) Harvest the mushrooms when they're ready and await the second crop!


The kit comes with detailed printed instructions, and you can always contact us or check on the Mushroom Cultivation New Zealand facebook page for further tips and advice.  


Mushroom kits grow well anywhere that there is good humidity, fresh air, and out of direct sunlight. If you have a greenhouse with plants growing in it, mushroom kits love this environment where they can enjoy the shade of larger plants and the humidity created by frequent watering. If you want to grow your mushrooms indoors, a simple fruiting chamber can be constructed from a large plastic storage tote (see shotgun fruiting chamber) or even just a cardboard box! Or if you want to grow lots of mushrooms you can build a larger mushroom fruiting space such as a 'martha' grow tent. Check out our fruiting envrionments grow guide page for more info. 


These grow kits come with free shipping, which applies to both a single kit or a twin pack!

Turkey Tail Grow Kit (Free Shipping)