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1. The branch of biology dealing with fungi

2. The fungi found in an area



1. A particular way of thinking

2. A formal scientific method of examining ideas


Welcome to MycoLogic. We are here to help kiwis grow delicious and nutritious edible and medicinal fungi at home, and provide you with the skills and advice you need to have success. We have a passion for all things fungi, and with a couple of decades of cultivation experience, you can count on us to provide top quality products and solid advice. Whether you want a ready-to-go mushroom growing kit, or the cultures to grow them from scratch, we've got a great range of species and products to suit all levels of experience. Please have a browse of our shop and check our our grow guides and blog, and if you have any questions just drop us an email, easy as!   

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MycoLogic is a small business based in Dunedin, New Zealand, specialising in mushroom cultivation supplies and consultation advice for hobbyists and small scale commercial growers around the country. In addition to a wide selection of live mushroom cultures, spawn and grow kits, we supply a range of other products needed for growing your own delicious mushrooms. 

We are also engaged in a broad range of fungi related research projects to help build knowledge and understanding of fungi in Aotearoa. Some of our research is purely scientific, for example the DNA sequencing of native fungi to learn more about their evolutionary history. Other projects are focused practical applications in areas ranging from improvements in methods to grow edible and medicinal fungi in New Zealand, through to new and innovative ways that mushrooms can be used to solve current and future problems. Our research programme is led by MycoLogic founder Bart Acres (BSc, MPlan).


We have a couple of decades of experience in growing, foraging and eating mushrooms in New Zealand, so we aim to be able to provide you with the best advice possible in your endeavours. Check out our Tips and Advice pages if you're feeling curious, and feel free to get in touch with any further questions you may have. 

We are always interested to hear from people who are involved with mushroom related projects or ventures. Collaborative projects are a core part of our operation which always seek to provide holistically beneficial outcomes for all. Click here to find out more about what we do.

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