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We guarantee that our products are of premium quality and are in a 'ready to use' state at time of dispatch. Products are intended to be used soon after you receive them. In the unlikely event that your product arrives in a condition that you are unhappy with, please contact us with a description of the issue and with photos and we will resolve the issue. If you have live culture products (spawn, dowels, liquid culture) which you do not intend to use immediately, store it under refrigeration until you use it. Our products are guaranteed for up to 30 days after dispatch.


The products that we sell are intended for usage to grow your own mushrooms at home. We also provide cultures to commercial growers and if you are a commercial grower or thinking about becoming one please contact us, we can help you with wholesale rates on our products, tips and advice for your operation, and ensure that your usage of our strains fits within our permitted use. 

Any mushroom cultures purchased from MycoLogic are not licensed to be propagated and on-sold in the form of mushroom cultures, spawn, or grow kits. Our strains are protected with DNA barcodes which enable us to detect unlicensed usage. 

If you want to use our products for any purpose other than personal home cultivation, please contact us to clarify the terms and conditions of proposed usages. 

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