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Wine Cap mushrooms, also known as King Stropharia or Garden Giants (latin name Stropharia rugoso-annulata) is an amazing, multi-funtional species in a backyard ecosystem.


This giant mushroom (caps can get up to 30cm wide and mushrooms can stand up to 30cm tall though commonly about half this size) loves to decompose wood at a rapid rate. This makes it a prime candidate for integrating into a backyard garden where you can easily turn woodchip or tree prunings into luscious, humus-rich soil using this species, and get some tasty mushrooms at the same time!


The method is simple - create a layer of freshly chipped woodchips (or straw, or a mix of the two) 10 or so centimeters deep, and mix some spawn with it. 1kg or 2kg is enough to start a 1m x 1m patch. The substrate material does not need to be processed, pasteurised or sterilised beforehand - but it is best to use fresh / clean material rather than partially rotted woodchips or straw.


The mycelium will quickly spread through the chip and begin producing these large, edible mushrooms within a few months to a year. Patches do not generally need to be watered except maybe in very dry drought-like conditons. Otherwise the fungus is well adapted at coping with dry spells, by retreating deeper into the ground, and sending mycelium back to the surface when it is time to fruit (spring, rainy parts of summer, and early autumn).


The flavour is similar to a portobello mushroom, with a heartier firmer texture. For more detail on how to grow them, check our grow guide for outdoor beds at printed instructions are also included with every shipment of spawn.


This spawn is a spawn matrix comprised of a mix of woodchip, sawdust, and grain coated with live mycelium.


1kg Spawn Matrix = $24.90

2kg Spawn Matrix = $46.90

3kg Spawn Matrix = $64.90

Wine Caps / King Stropharia

  • Cultures sold by MycoLogic are intended for use by those growing mushrooms for consumption by yourself / friends / whanau. Cultures are not to be shared or on-sold as liquid culture, agar plates, dowels, grain spawn or grow kits. For commercial use enquiries (e.g. growing for market or other commercial usage) please contact us to ensure that due process is followed.  

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