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These mini mushroom grow tents make growing mushrooms at home an absolute breeze! Just pop the grow kit in, and mist the mesh walls of the tent with a spray bottle of water once or twice per day. This creates a perfect environment for mushrooms to grow and thrive. One grow tent will fit two of our Pekepeke-kiore or Turkey tail grow kits, or one of our large sized Native Phoenix Oyster or Pink Oyster grow kits. 


As an optional extra for more consistent humidity is to add a tray or a glass jar full of damp perlite (not included) which will slowly release humidity all the time via evaporation. Just keep the perlite damp and you're away laughing. Perlite is cheaply available from most garden centres.


These mini grow tents are certainly the easiest way we have found to succesfully fruit mushrooms such as oysters, pekepeke-kiore and turkey tail at home. Just place the grow tent somewhere that's sheltered and out of direct sunlight (such as in the kitchen, laundry, garage or shed) and grow some mushrooms!


This tent is 40cm x 40cm x 60cm and can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements. 

The mini mushroom grow tents features include:

  • Breathability. They have fantastic fresh air exchange due to the mesh walls which will keep your mushrooms very happy 
  • Humidity. The fine mesh traps humidity inside the grow space. You can keep humidity topped up without even opening the tent, by spraying the mesh itself with water in a spray bottle.
  • Spore load reduction. The fine mesh traps most of the spores that get released by the mushrooms, preventing them from getting into the surrounding environment (however it is still best to try to pick your mushrooms at a stage before they begin dumping lots of spores)
  • Washable. These tents are a breeze to wash. Just rinse them under the tap in the sink or take them outside and give them a gentle wash with the garden hose and then air dry.
  • Reusable. These tents can be reused time and time again, so if you want to grow mushrooms regularly at home, they're a great option!


Mini Mushroom Grow Tent


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