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Here is where you can order mushroom grain spawn and spawn matrixes (as well as on individual species pages). We produce our mushroom spawn to the highest laboratory standards, using premium quality cultures which are unique to MycoLogic. Our strains represent years of research and development in sourcing and trialling strains in various conditions to select the top mushroom genetics. All spawn is sent fully colonised and ready to use, and undergoes a quality control check prior to dispatch. Spawn should be kept refrigerated until use (for up to 1 month). All spawn comes in 1kg filter patch bags. If you order 2 or 3kg of spawn it will be multiple 1kg bags. 


Species Available:

  • Native Phoenix Oyster Grain Spawn
  • Shiitake Grain Spawn
  • Native NZ Shiitake Grain Spawn
  • Tawaka Grain Spawn
  • Pekepeke-kiore 'NZ Lion's Mane' Grain Spawn
  • Wild Enoki Grain Spawn
  • Turkey Tail Grain Spawn
  • Pink Oyster Grain Spawn
  • Hakeke 'Wood Ear' Grain Spawn
  • King Stropharia / Wine Caps Spawn matrix for outdoor beds
  • Shaggy Mane Spawn matrix for outdoor beds
  • Black Morels Spawn matrix for outdoor beds


Grain spawn does not come with printed instructions, however you can check our grow guides for instructions on how to use grain spawn (oyster mushrooms can be grown on pasteurised straw or sawdust blocks, all other species that come as grain spawn are usually grown on sawdust blocks only). Spawn matrixes for outdoor patches (not grains but a mix of organic substrates specific to each species) come with printed instructions on how to set up your outdoor patch. Below is a quick run through each species available - check the individual species pages for more info. 


NATIVE PHOENIX OYSTER (Pleurotus pulmonarius)

A classic, easy-to-grow mushroom. This is a native strain of this species, which differs from the commonly available commercial asian cultivars in that it grows more solid, robust mushrooms which have a deeper flavour. 

Experience Level: Beginner

Substrate: Pasteurised straw or woodchips, or sawdust blocks.


SHIITAKE (Lentinula edodes)

A popular mushroom around the world and especially in asian cuisine featuring complex umami flavours and robust meaty texture. 

Experience Level: Intermediate

Substrate: Sawdust blocks with 10-20%  wheat bran


NATIVE NZ SHIITAKE (Lentinula novae-zelandiae)

Aotearoa's own native shiitake. This mushroom is similar in texture and flavour to asian shiitake, with slightly darker and more red-brown hued colouration. 

Experience Level: Advanced

Substrate: Sawdust blocks, with 10-20% wheat bran


TAWAKA (Cyclocybe parasitica)

This unique and delicious native mushroom can grow to a large size with a fantastic savoury flavour and robust texture. 

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Substrate: Sawdust blocks


PEKEPEKE-KIORE / NZ LIONS MANE (Hericium novae-zealandiae)

A native cousin to the internationally famous 'Lion's Mane' mushroom. Pekepeke-kiore is a delicious mushroom with a unique sweet but umami flavour and desirable texture and packing a hefty nutritional punch as well. 

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Substrate: Sawdust blocks


WILD ENOKI (Flammulina velutipes)

A wild NZ bush strain of the well known enoki mushroom. The slender golden mushrooms enjoy fruiting in cooler growing conditions. 

Experience Level: Intermediate 

Substrate: Sawdust blocks


TURKEY TAIL (Trametes versicolor)

Turkey tail is grown to be brewed into teas or made into extracts and tinctures for its well researched beneficial effects on the immune system.  

Experience Level: Intermediate

Substrate: Sawdust blocks


PINK OYSTER (Pleurotus djamor)

This mushroom, which originates from southeast asia, boasts an intense pink hue which is a great novelty to many growers. Prefers warm temps. 

Experience Level: Beginner (in warm seasons)

Substrate: Pasteurised straw or woodchips, or sawdust blocks.


HAKEKE / WOOD EAR (Auricularia novozealandica)

A native species of a family of mushrooms which are found around the world and popular in asian cuisine for their crunchy texture and nutritive properties. 

Experience Level: Intermediate

Substrate: Sawdust blocks


KING STROPHARIA / WINE CAPS (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)

These garden giants thrive in outdoor beds mulched with woodchip or straw. Cropping in the spring and autumn, also summer if it's rainy. 

Experience Level: Beginner

Substrate: Outdoor beds made from woodchip or straw


SHAGGY MANES (Coprinus comatus)

These delicious mushrooms need to be picked quickly when they pop up, before the caps start to open and dissolve into ink.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Substrate: Outdoor beds made from compost or manure, on lawns or in vege gardens


BLACK MORELS (Morchella importuna)

Morels have a delicious complex flavour sought out by chefs worldwide. Fruiting in the spring from carefully constructed habitats. 

Experience Level: Advanced

Substrate: Outdoor beds made from dense loam soil, gypsum and pine bark mulch

Mushroom Spawn


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