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Enoki mushrooms, also known as Velvet Shank (Flammulina velutipes) are an iconic feature in the world of Asian cuisine, where their delicately fruity flavour and slightly crunchy texture can be showcased in a range of dishes. They're a super fun mushroom to grow, with their bright yellow colouration and their dense clusters of tall, slender mushrooms. 


Enoki are a cold-loving mushroom, in the wild they are found mostly in the late autumn and winter, and in cultivation they thrive the best at temperatures between 8 to 18°C. That's why we've created our Enoki grow kits as a special seasonal release, so that New Zealanders can have the opportunity to easily grow these unique mushrooms. 


This grow kit consists of a block of organically enriched sawdust substrate which has been inoculated with our favourite strain of wild New Zealand enoki, straight from the bush! 


These mushrooms are easy to grow, provided that the space is in the right temperature range, all you need to do cut an X on the front face of the bag (marked out for you), place them in a suitable location (see our 'Fruiting Environments' section of our grow guides for some ideas), and mist them with plain water once a day or so. Full printed instructions are provided with your order. 


These kits will usually produce two, if not three crops of mushrooms. The speed of growth depends on the temperature and other growing conditions. It can take a while for the first crop of mushrooms to start forming, but then they begin to grow quite rapidly after that. After harvest, the next crop will take about three weeks to start growing. 


These grow kits come with free urban shipping nationwide, rural shipping fee is $4.50

Enoki Mushroom Grow Kit (Free Shipping)


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