'An Introductory Guide to Growing Gourmet Mushrooms at Home' by Barton Acres is a great guide for those just starting out and want to get your head around understanding the basics of how mushrooms 'work' and how to grow them. 


Barton has used his two decades of experience in mushroom cultivation to present a distilled, conscise and easy to understand beginners guide which will get you started out on the right foot and growing mushrooms of your own in no time! 


The booklet covers the basics of:

  • The mushroom life cycle
  • Cultivation Basics
  • Preparing spawn and growing mediums
  • Growing mushrooms on pasteurised straw
  • Growing mushrooms on logs
  • Care of mushroom grow bags and logs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Harvesting and eating your home grown mushrooms


A5 size 

45 pages

Black and White

Spiral Bound 

Mushroom Growing Booklet