A ready-to-go mini mushroom farm with free shipping anywhere in New Zealand. These kits consist of a mix of organic substrates (sawdust, straw and seed hulls) which has been colonised with a native NZ strain of phoenix oyster mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius) and they're a great way to grow a good few crops of mushrooms at home with ease. 


The first step when you recieve your grow kit is to take it out of its box and cut some slits in the bag where it is marked out for you. This must be done within a few days of getting the kit, it can not be stored away for later use as it is a living organism.

From there, all you need is a spot to put them and to give them a bit of moisture now and then, by spraying the humidity veil (included) with water every day or two. The mushroom kit will grow in a wide variety of environments, indoors or outdoors. Common spots to place it include a laundry room, garden shed, or simply under the shade of a bush / tree in your back yard. Or the ideal environment can be created using a MycoLogic Mini Mushroom Grow Tent


You can expect a crop within a couple of weeks of recieving the bag (maybe slower in winter when it's cold), and a couple more crops spaced a couple of weeks apart after the harvest of the first crop. These bags generally yield over 1kg of mushrooms in total ($80+ retail value)


Full instructions provided. And you can always contact us with any questions. 


Option to add a copy of our mushroom growing booklet for an extra $10 (normally $15). 

Phoenix Oyster Grow Kit (Free Shipping)